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9:30 am (CT) In the Sanctuary

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This series focuses on the book of Nehemiah. Through the story of Nehemiah returning to Jerusalem, we can take his experiences and reflect on how it can impact us today. Topics range from prayer, vision, community, the Word, righteousness, and Sabbath.

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In this series, we learn about all of the ways to praise God from feeling grateful in the moment, to silently studying the Word by yourself, to shouting on the rooftops and making connections in and out of church. God loves you, no matter how you love him.

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On this season of giving, we dive into the importance of giving, whether it be through donations, service or evangelism. We learn how giving with all our hearts is the only way to truly be rich.

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Senior Pastor Carl Palmer's first Sermon Series is entitled "The Jesuses I Have Known." Carl Palmer will go into detail on the several facets of Jesus he has experienced.

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Fall is just around the corner! The change in seasons reflects new beginnings, and that is no different for our church! The month of September will be the last months of guest speakers as we welcome our new pastor Carl Palmer in October!

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For the month of August, we will continue having a single service at 9:30 AM in the sanctuary of the Centenary Church. We will have a different special guest speaker every week, including a Southern Gospel Service on the 13th with the message delivered by Mike Dumey. The schedule will include a fellowship time at 10:45AM with Sunday school to follow at 11:00 AM.


On July 9, we will begin an interim schedule of worship that hosts one service at 9:30 AM in the sanctuary of Centenary church. This service will include worship and musical leadership from both Mike Dumey and Brodrick Twiggs. Guest speakers and pastors will deliver the message throughout this period.  The schedule will include a fellowship time at 10:45AM with Sunday school to follow at 11:00 AM.


As we were closing off the season of transition, we heard from a variety of speakers and received messages which uplifted, encouraged, and guided us through this process.

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