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Current Series

Our whole world has been shaken, and in this season of uncertainty we have been left searching for stability. Even as the external events of a pandemic, racial injustice and political maneuvering swirl around us and shape our experiences, how we respond internally can be a catalyst for new spiritual growth.


How can the realities in which we find ourselves be used to filter out what isn’t pure, holy, just, or honest in our own lives so that we can settle on what is truly unshakeable?

Who are we at the core? What have we put our faith in - really? What is God teaching us when we finally accept the fact that controlling our little world has been an illusion all along?

What are the things that need to become our “new normal?”

Previous Series

Pastor Jennifer begins her time at Centenary as our Senior Pastor with this series, On the Journey. She is a passionate follower of Jesus who subscribes to the idea that life is not a destination, but a journey. And we are all on a journey.


In this series, we explore the adventure of our calling, our journey with Jesus, and our journey together as the Church, ultimately accepting God’s invitation to share God’s love with others so they can begin their own journey of faith.

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