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church transition updates

At the beginning of 2023, Centenary began a discernment process concerning our future with the UMC. On April 23, we voted to adopt a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and have since then been in a period of transition. All of the relevant information and documents regarding this transition are available on this page for anyone to reference.

Vote Results for the Proposed Resolution Agreement

June 6, 2023


On June 6th the church voted unanimously among those present, 89-0, to adopt the Proposed Resolution Agreement to  amend the Articles of Incorporation to change the name of the church and affiliate with the Global Methodist Church.  This is a critical step within the Memorandum of Understanding for the New Centenary to become Centenary Methodist Church, a Global Methodist local church.  This is a new, exciting beginning for both Centenary Methodist Church and the New UMC Church.  May God’s divine guidance lead these two churches to grow and spread the gospel to the people throughout the Cape Girardeau area.

If you'd like more details, please reference the materials below.

Transition Team Letter:

Proposed amendment:

Memorandum of Understanding:

MOU Vote Results
April 23, 2023

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